Our Process

Step 1: Explore & Design

This is by far the most critical and time consuming step. This is where your Pinterest board, Houzz wish list, magazine clippings and all your HGTV dreams come together. While we offer several floor plans in a variety of size and cost, they’re really only a starting point. Each home Tytan Construction builds is truly a custom…. its fully customizable to you. Our team will collaborate to bring your vison to life. This process usually takes 4-8 weeks depending on size and detail.

Step 2: Cost Quotes

There are literally thousands of items that go into the construction of a new home. Every item and service is costed out. The cost of construction is itemized upfront. After this process, we sit back down with you to go over pricing and make any selection modifications.

Step 3: Contract

The construction contract is a very critical part of the process. At this stage, we have established what financial direction your project will follow, the floorplan and overall design components.

Step 4: Pre-Construction Meeting

During this meeting, we will review the construction process, design selections timeline, change orders and ensure nothing needs further attention before the required permits are obtained.

Step 5: Construction

This is a very exciting time. All the planning is starting to take shape. Throughout the construction phase, you will be updated consistently as well as several meeting take place throughout the building inspections.

The critical milestones

Excavation: Breaking Ground – One of the most important aspects of building a new home is how a property is excavated. The critical elements of excavating a property correctly is digging the foundation to the correct depth and ensuring the property has proper drainage.

Foundation: This is the first chance to see the house take shape. The foundation will support your entire house.

Framing: One of the most exciting and dynamic periods in the construction of a new home is the structural framing stage. It is the time when two-dimensional plans take on a three-dimensional shape. As floors, walls, and a roof rise from the ground, the owners can envision the finished home and walk through its spaces.

Rough Plumbing, Electrical, Heating and Cooling: For the rough-in, we met the HVAC installer, plumber, and electrician at the house — each on separate days.  We walked through the house pointing out where you want heat/AC vents, thermostat, shower, faucets, tubs, electrical outlets, overhead lights, switches, etc.

Insulation & Drywall: Now that you have had an opportunity to review the status of your home and all required inspections have been conducted, you will see your new home come to life. First, insulation will be installed and then several stages of drywall installation will take place.

Interior Finishes: During this phase, the charm and overall feel of the house takes shape. All your design sections come to life. Cabinets, tile, countertops, plumbing, hardware and lighting are all installed. It’s an exciting time…and a busy one.

Completion: We also call this “punch-out”. During this time, we double check that everything is working and meets our standards before we turn the keys over to you.

Step 6: Design Selections

The word “custom home builder” is often used by builders who provide several options for each design selections. With Tytan Construction, the sky is the limit on your selections. We provide you an allowance for each source supplier. Every detail of your home is selected by you. We work with you to ensure your new home reflects your personal style.

Step 7: Final Walk-Thru

This meeting provides an orientation of your new home. We walk the home with you demonstrating all the features of your home. Quality is very important to us; this walk also ensures the home meets your expectations. We will also review your new home warranty.

Step 8: Warranty

By far the most important step in the process is now. Once you have unpacked and start using the house, you may run into normal issues requiring our attention. Along with your home warranty, us and our trade contractors, we understand how important this step is and do everything we can to work efficiently for you…warranty and beyond.